When we are watching a video on YouTube, Facebook or other website, then we want to keep the video for in addition usages. When we need to observe on offline, downloading the video is the first-rate choice. But, every so often the audio of the particular video is greater essential than the visual look. For instance, we may additionally need a video script for research.
Unfortunately, now days, There are maximum of the software, website tools, and browser extensions permit us most effective to download video in the mp4 format. So, in case you are searching out an easy way to convert the video into mp3 mp4, need to use the proper way. Here I am going to share an the best way to convert YouTube Facebook Videos to MP3 or MP4.


This is the most popular website Tool for converting a video in mp3 and other formats. As you will convert to the website, there is no need for browser extension or desktop software. So, you can easily avoid the malware attack. It is so easy to use this site because of friendly user interface. Whenever you are watching a video and think the audio file is essential, just pause the video. Now go to the tab of the browser and copy the video URL. Visit the Fbtube.biz official site. There you will find a box saying search songs/Paste YouTube or Facebook URL here. Paste the link and press the covert to mp3 or mp4 button. Now within a few seconds, you will get the download option. Now click the download button, and the audio file is your device.

Now follow these steps to convert YouTube Facebook video to MP3 or MP4:

• Copy the video URL of a Facebook or YouTube video that you want to get.
• Paste the video URL on Convert Video box in FbTube.
• Wait a second till while the website tool detects the video;
• Choose a necessary video format and quality which one you want to convert.
• Run the downloading process by clicking the Convert Video button.

Features of FbTube are:

1. It does not require any additional software or application installation to use.
2. FbTube is the completely secure and free from any spyware or adware. They provide you with a safe music downloading platform by blocking all the irritating pop-ups.
3. There is no imposed limit on the number of conversions you make using these mp3 converters.
4. It does not require any type of registration or sign up and so, all its facilities are absolutely free to use.
5. It supports all types of web browsers and devices which simply mean that you can convert YouTube Facebook Videos to mp3 with this tool on your desktop as well as on your smartphones.


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