The electrical power supply is mainly important to carry on various industrial, residential, and other significant power-based applications.As you know, a substantial voltage level of the power supply is essential to run different types of equipment.The power supply from the mains that is provided to the electric and electronic appliances often face variations, interruptions, etc.There is a scope of over or under voltages, short-circuits, frequency variations, etc.Whatever is the input voltage range, they give out stabilized output voltage with 98% efficiency.· Within seconds, they work out to give appropriate voltage stabilization.· They are useful for various kinds of industrial, domestic, and commercial applications.· Based on their design, some of them can also reduce spikes, line noises, etc.So, you got an idea on what a servo stabilizer does.Now, understand what a UPS is.UPS – Uninterrupted Power SupplyIt is the device that provides a power supply continuously in case of any interruptions or power-cuts.If the batteries are not completely charged, you may face again power-interruptions.But, to some extent, UPS systems are helpful for various types of equipment to continue the operations without any delay.Types of UPS SystemsThere are two types of UPS systems – online and offline UPS systems.