John Deere Tractor are well known for their durable and reliable Tractors which are capable to perform under heavy conditions. Here are some of the Top John Deere tractors 1) John Deere 5060E is a 60 HP tractor with Turbocharged engine, Smart Brakes and Tilt Steering which gives the driver one of the best experiences 2) John Deere 5050 E is a 50 HP tractor which best in saving fuel and increase engine life in power take-off (PTO) applications from 540/540 economy. 3) John Deere 5050 D is a 50 HP tractor with a Power Steering, Collar Shift Gear Box and Piston Cooling Jet. 4) John Deere 5045D is a 45 HP tractor which comes with a factory fitted options of Deluxe seat, selective control valve and Dual PTO etc. 5) John Deere 5042D is a 42 HP tractor installed with oil immersed disk brakes for better maintenance and better life of the tractor. For more information on John Deere tractor price, Specification and best deals do visit tractorguru.


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